June 08, 2010


10 Random Things About Me: Shirleyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

1. I Can't Sleep Without Some Type Of Light On (Whether It's The Glow Of The T.V. or My Computer)

2. I Went To An All Girls Highschool Soooooooo I Have Limited Experience With Men...

3. I Hate Eating Slice Bread Crust, I Always Tear Those Sucka's Off

4. I'm American But My Parents Are Haitian And I Lurvvvvvve It....Being Bi Lingual Is The Sh*t. The Thing That Blows My Mind Tho Is When I Get Yelled @ By My Parents In 2 Different Languages.( They Will Deadass Yell At Me In Creole, And Give Me The English Version Right After Just In Case I Missed Something)..Smh lol

5. The Person I Tell Most Of My Secrets To Is My Bestie And I Love Him 2 Death....He Makes My Heart Smile...F*ck A Boyfriend.

6. I Don't Know How To Whine/Dance...And I Have No Rhythm....I Feel Stupid In Clubs Or When Forced To Give Dubs. I Have The Dancing Capability Of A White Boy (No Offense).

7. I Have A Horrible Fear Of People B/c Im A Shy Person And Wanna Get Over It B4 I Die.

8. I Want To Be Finished With Skool And Have a (Real) Job B4 Making Any Man My Priority Ever Again. I'm Halfway Towards My Bachelor's Degree....So Men Holla At Me In A Year And Sum Change.

9. I Live With My Parents But Who Knows How Long That's Gonna Last B/c They've Been Trying To Give Me A 12am Curfew Lately And Im Def Over 21 Years Old

10. When I Get Mad (Instead Of Yelling And Cussing) I Cry....Yea Im A Baby, I Know.


Freckles said...

dude, the parents translate your scolding. lol that is hilarious.

I cannot sleep with any lights or anything on. I need curtains for my room.

I am the biggest cry baby. Cry about everything. So I feel you.

Love this post.

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@ Freckles: Lol Yay I Have A Fellow Crybaby Supporter.

Nuuhhh I Cant Do The Darkness Thing Like U Can...Scared Something May Grab Me...Not Happening...lol

Freckles said...

Fellow Crybaby - YES MA'AM!
Girl, the darness comes with age. I use to need the radio or tv on to sleep butnow I need all dark in here. lol.

I♥africa said...

xD i feel u
just as if i wrote thatt