June 10, 2010

Product Review!

Hola Como Estas Mis Amigos y Amiga's (I Didn't Tell You Guys I'm Half Mexican?....No? Well I'm Lying Ne Ways). Mkay So Here We Go...I Digressed.

This Is A Product Review And The Product I'm Reviewing Is *Drum roll*
Is The Sally Hansen's Shaving Shower Spray On Thingy Ma Bob. If Some Of You Guys Don't Know I'm A Hairy Girl, Like U Cud Literally Braid Cornrows On My Arms...But Um Yea So I HATE Shaving With A Passion...U Couldn't Pay Me Enough To Do It Consistently. So My Goal Has Been To Find The Perfect Hair Remover Contraption With Little To No Work Involved. I Picked Up This 3 Minute Hair Remover Thingy And I Have A Love Hate Relationship With It.

Cons:First Off The Smell Annoys Me, Secondly It Was A Spray So I Kept Getting Paranoid About It Accidentally Spraying Onto The Hair On My Head (Which Was Impossible..But The Paranoia Was Still There), And I HATED The Fact That I Could Get Probably 2 Usages Out Of That Spray Can (If I'm JUST Doing My Legs Because Once Again Thanx 2 My Wonderful Parents I'm Like Cousin It).

Like Deadass That $8.39 To Me Was A Waste Because I Feel Like U Cud Get More Bang For Your Buck If You Buy An Electric Razor Or Something.

Pros: I Did Like The Fact That I Didn't Have To Touch My Leg At All...Just Rinsed With Water And Wiped With A Washcloth While In The Shower. It Did Take Exactly 3 Minutes And All The Hair Was Gone. I also Like This Because It Wasn't Time Consuming And It Got The Job Done.

So Ladies...And Gents (If U Into That Type Of Stuff)I Do Recommend This Just 2 Have Around For A Just In Case Moment (Like U Were Invited To A Last Minute Party And Ur Leg Was Looking Like Monique's @ The Golden Globes) And U Needed To Shave ASAP.
But As For Getting This Weekly Or For Constant Use....Pass...Unless U Got Money 2 Blow...As For Me I'm In A Recession So....HATED IT!!!! (In Living Color Reference For My Old Heads).

Duece Yall ....Love, Live Life.

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