June 13, 2010

Just One Of Them Dayz

"Its A Mid Summer Nite....And I'm Thinkin About Ya Babe, Wanting You.
I Wish U Cud Catch A Jet Plane, I Know U Wud If Only You Cud....

But Finances Ain't Wat We'd Like And Sometimes We Have 2 Sacrifice....Cuz I Know Its Hard Ova There Where Ur Cuz Its Raining Ova Here Only Inside Of My WOMB....Passion And Desire Baby...Innumerable Fire....

I Got 4 U....U Know That Its True...Cum See Me.
I Wanna Feel Passion And Desire Baby....Ohhh I Got 4u, U Know That Its True"

(Jill Scott Ain't Never Lied...Luv This Song....Damn I Need A Man...Lol)
Love, Live Life Peeps

1 comment:

Freckles said...

I LOVE HER. This song is no joke and it seems that she is always in my head. So easily relatable.