May 03, 2010

La Musica

Heyyy I Said It A Billion Times And I Will Continue 2 Say It ...Whatever Happened To Good Ol R&B....You Know, The Music Us 80's Babies Grew Up To? Like Dizzam All I'm Subjected To Listen To Is Stuff Like Trey Songz, Or Pleasure P :-/ I Mean We Have Our Random Gems But I Stress The Word RANDOM!

What Happened To Az Yet, Boys II Men, Toni Braxton (Of The Past), Whitney Houston, Keith Sweat, Bel Biv Divoe, TLC?

Songs Of Substance, Songs That Dont Talk About Blowing My Back Out, Or Giving Becky (Wth?)....Can We Get LOVEEEEE SONGS??????? Shesssssh! *Mini Vent*

I Have To Start Doing A "Throwback Of The Week" From Now On Starting Today With A Classic "On Bended Knee" By BoyzIIMen. I Sure Do Remember Belting Out This Tune B4 I Even Knew What Love Or Heartbreak Was About....Mmm Mmm Mmm, Sang It Boys!

1 comment:

call her Gwen said...

i feel you!
most of the time i hate listening to mainstream music cuz its nothing new. all the shit is the same!