March 18, 2015

Is Wearing a Backpack Childish?

So the other day I decided to invest in a backpack/bookbag. I'm so sick of lugging around a heavy azz purse on my (unusually) tiny forearm. Purses are cool, but I hate having to carry around something that weighs a ton. Why does my purse weigh a ton you ask? Well ....that's because I want to carry the world inside of it (and my poor arm has been suffering). 

In my purse you might be able to find textbooks/notebooks, my ipad, a gps (because you never know when that will come in handy), some antacid pills (because my body hates me and has started to self sabotage), comb, brush, lipstick, chapstick, mirror, lotion, etc. I could go on and on trust me. Am I the only one with the compulsive need to carry around all these items? ARE SOME OF THESE ITEMS EVEN NECESSARY?!?! I feel like a hoarder! 

Any-who, after complaining about my situation to my boyfriend he suggested a bookbag. I mean it makes sense right? I need something to hold all of these items, but I'm sick of feeling like I'm carrying a 5 pound baby. So I went for it. I decided to head to target and look for a bag that seemed trendy, but very practical. I had an idea of what type of bag I wanted because I did my research on pintrest...cmon you do it too!

Initially I hated the idea of a bookbag because it seems so childish to me, but REJOICE!!! Bookbags are now trending and they're not just for little susie. Ladies we are not simply limited to plastic bookbags or Jansport (urban NewYorkers know about that brand). Look at the wonderful things you can do with backpacks! 

It may not be a trend up everyone's alley, but it is an option if you're a hoarder like I'am. What do you guys think? Is it more of a highschool or childish thing that you prefer to leave in the past? Would you wear a backpack?


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