November 13, 2011



When I Left This Blog Almost Over A Year Ago I Was In A Happy Place (Or Atleast I Thought I Was). Now I'm Back...Bruised, Broken, And Possibly Unable To Be Fixed.

What Was My Crime You Ask?

I Let A Man Get The Best Of Me, And I Let Him Get That Best Of Me For About Four Years.
I'm Now Over It And Ready To Move The F*ck On With My Life.

This Goes To My Women, Young Girls, Whatever....Men Too.
Never Get Caught Up And So Wrapped Up In Someone To The Point Where You Feel They Will Be "Your Forever". Unless You Are Married You Will Never Be Guaranteed To Have Someone Be Your Forever, Honestly Even The Sacrament Of Marriage Is Questionable Nowadays.

Any who Let Me Hop Off My Little Soapbox For Now.
Come Ride On This Journey With Me Guys And I Promise You And I Can Grow Together.

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