November 13, 2011

I Wanna Make Love In The Club. NOTTTTTT!

Okay So Clubbing. *Shakes Head* Oh Clubbing How I Used To Love Thee.

Clubbing For Me Definitely Is Not What It Used To Be. After Going Out Last Night I Now Realize That I Have Some Serious Issues With Being On
The "Scene". I Can Truly Say That Clubbing IS NOT MY THING.

Clubbing Isn't For Everybody And Its Okay Not Everybody Is Built For The Ridiculousness That Goes On At The Club. *Shakes Head Again* These Are My Clubbing Pet Peeves.....

1. OOOOO The Good Ol Line Outside The Club In 40 Degree And Below Weather.

Why Must We Be Forced To Freeze To Death On A Line That Goes Down The Block....We Look Like Livestock Waiting To Be Slaughtered!

2. Why Is It That The Club Ratio Men To Women Is.... 1 To 5 (So That's 1 Man To Every 5 Women) And Some Men Still Have The Audacity of NOT INTERACTING WITH NEBODY!

So You Really Mean To Tell Me You Paid Twenty Dollars To Get Into The Club And Now You Are Going To Stand On A Wall For 3 Hours Watching All The Girls In The ROOOOOM!?! Muther Fudging Mingle! (If You Dance With Someone It Does Not Mean You Are Now Married)

For All That Money Spent You Should Have Spent The Night Browsing Facebook Pages Of Numerous Females.

3. Why Are People Literally (Scuse My Vulgarity) F#cking On The Dance Floor?!? Men Get Your Penis Off My BACK Or Ass Crack....I Don't Even Know Your Name And Your Sausage Is All Up In My Backside! ALSOOOOOOOO...........

Why Am Getting Elbowed In My Back While At The Bar Trying To Get My Drink On By Some Girl With Her Ass In The Air And Her Hands On The Ground?!? I Thought The Bar Was A Place Of Serenity/Calmness. Why Am I Getting Smacked In The Face By Some Broad's Indi Remi Hair? Take That Ish On The Dance floor.

4. While We Are On Drinks/The Bar....Why Is It So Expensive For Me To Buy Something That Would Enable Me To Forget My Name By The End Of The Night? I Want To Get Drunk And I Don't Know If One 15 Dollar Cup Of Long Island Iced Tea Will Do The Trick.

I'm Sleepy......If Ne body Wants To Add Anything Then Feel Free....What Are Your Club Pet Peeves?

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