January 05, 2010

Comments Are A Go!

Hey You Guys I'm Back...First Post Of The New Year ...Yayyyyyy! I Hope Everyone's New Year Is Off To A Positive Start.

First Off I'm Gonna Make This Short And Sweet. I Want To Let You Guys Know That My Comments Are Now Enabled. I Started To Think My Followers Didn't Care To Comment But I Still Grinded Out The Posts Until A Sweet Young Lady Let Me Know That My Blog Wasn't Letting People Comment. I Want To Send A Special Shoutout To Ms. King Who Went Above And Beyond To Let Me Know My Blog Was Blocking Comments (Because She Really Didn't Have To). Thank U Sooooooo Much Your Efforts Really Meant Alot To Me.

This Girl Right Here Is A Sweetheart...So If U Aren't Already Following Her Awesome Blog....Please Do @ :



Ms. King said...

awww, thank you so much!! I felt so bad about it, I had to get in touch with you... you had alot of topics I really wanted to comment on, so now I have a chance :)

Melanie! said...

aww that was sweet of her!!


S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@Melanie She's DEFINITELY A Sweetie Pie!

@Ms. King No THANK U!!!!!