December 29, 2009

Goodbye 2009...Kick Rocks

2010 I Welcome You With Open Arms...Welcome!

I'm So Ready For 09' To Come To An End. This Was A Pretty Much Horrible Year For Me ....I'd Say It All Went Downhill With The Passing Of My Aunt From Cancer (Which Was End Of 08) But The Whole Ordeal Was Pretty Much Still Fresh When The New Year Hit. I Started My New Years Night Off By Crying Cuz I Definitely Got Into An Argument With My Boyfriend (Now Ex) When The Ball Dropped. I'd Gained A Butt Load Of Debt.....And I Found Out What It Was Like To Be Broken Up With.

All In All I'm Ready For This Year To Be Over...I Just Want New Beginnings And I Want To Surround Myself With Uplifting People Who Love Me. None Of That Fake Shit Either..... Love Me Or Hate Me That's My Slogan For The New Year.

I Also Want To Make 2 Resolutions.

The First Resolution Is To Get A Backbone....No More Smiling And Nodding. I Want To Speak My Mind And Open Up (Take A Speech Class If I Must). I Want To Be Seen And Heard.

Sometimes Others Take A Person's Kindness For Weakness And I Don't Ever Again Want Someone To Think They Can Get One Over On Me....OOOOOO No Not I....Not Anymore.

My Second Resolution Is More Of A Stretch But (I'm Gonna Prove You Wrong Jean Bean)....I Want To Go To Church More. Yea I Know...Tough One...But I Want To Do It At least Once A Month ( For My Lazy Tail That Seems Realistically Possible).

I Hope 2010 Brings New Possibilities, Opportunities, Love, Joy, And Peace.

What Do You Guys Hope The New Year Will Bring?

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