December 01, 2009


Days Ago I Decided To Smile While Wiping Away The Last Tear For You I Sworn I'd Ever Cry

Weeks Ago I Didn't Know Me, I Needed You To Make Me Complete

A Month Ago I Vowed To Give Up , I Couldn't Live In A World No Longer Surrounded By Your Love

Four Months Ago I Questioned Your Loyalty, My Everyday Thoughts of You Leaving Constantly Overwhelmed Me

Five Months Ago We Made It To A Year And A Half, I Thanked God He Helped Us Last....In My Head I Saw The Day Where We'd Make You And I An Official Thing... With Chapel Bells Along With My Big Ol Wedding Ring....

But Tonight I Cried Because The Love I Have For You Is Still Alive.....I Sat And Asked Myself Why, Wiping Away The Thousandth Tear I'd Said Days Ago I Would No Longer Cry.

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