December 22, 2009

Where Am I Now?

Within The Past Three Months I've Been Everywhere Emotionally...Every Thought I Could've Had....I've Had

I've Realized I Don't NEED A Man To Complete Me....I Don't Need Him To Make Me Whole....You Should Love Someone Whole Heatedly But Never Forget To Love U First. If You Don't Love And Respect Yourself Who Else Will? I Know If I Ever Did Move Onto Someone Else I Would Be More Cautious And Acknowledge Red Flags. I Mean Seriously When You First Start Talking To A "Man" You Have To See Red Flags And Ask Yourself If Those Red Flags Are A Problem. I Definitely Admit I Seen Red Flags When First Getting To Know My Ex....But What Did I Do? Ignore....And Ironically Those Things That I Chose To Ignore In The Beginning Came Back To Haunt Me In The End.

I'm At Peace With Where I am Now. Sometimes Things Aren't Meant To Be So Why Force Them? Maybe This Whole Breakup Thing Was A Blessing...Who Knows...But What I Do Know Is That I'm Happy. Why Be Unhappy With Someone Just Because I'm Afraid Of Being Alone? I've Got Friends, I've Got Family And I Love Them All....Sometimes We Forget Love Doesn't Only Come From Our Significant Other, It's All Around Us.

I'm Not Even Going To Lie I Did Have An "I Hate Men" Phase *Raising Hand* Guilty, But Sometimes People Use Different Mechanisms To Help Them Through. I Know Not All Men Are Dogs, And I Know Not All Men Are About The "Hit It And Quit It" But In My Mind To Get Me Through My Anger/Depression I Needed Something To Point The Finger To.

I Was On The Anti Men Thing And I Said Some Wreckless Things About The Opposite Sex, But At The End Of The Day Its All About Picking Out Better Apples And Not Rotten One's. I'm Past My "Men Hating" Phase And Moving On Trying To Be Positive Because Baggage Is Not Cute. Why Let One Man Scare Me Away From Love And Opening Up.....Life's All About Taking Chances Right?

I'm Glad I Met My Ex....He Taught Me How To Love Hard And I Honestly Wish Him Nothing But The Best... I Can Admit To Myself That If His Future Doesn't Hold Me In It...I'd Be Okay.....I Would Be Absolutely Fine.

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