June 20, 2009

Raawrrrr....Gimmie Sum Shuga

Ohhhhh The Wonderfulness Of Being A Cougar.
What's A Cougar You Ask? Welllll Here It Goes:
A Cougar Is A Woman Who Frequents Clubs Or Other Events To Find A Younger Man. A Cougar Can Be Old And Frumpy Looking Or Even A Milf ( Mother I'd Like To F*ck).
More Recently Cougars Are Gaining Popularity.....But Why All Of A Sudden? Young Men Are Finding Older Women Attractive Because Not Only Are Those Women Sexual But They Also Have Their Ish Together. I've Noticed That Nowadays Compared To When My Parents Grew Up Marriage Is Really Being Put On A Back Burner And The Simple Explanation Of That Is That We As Women Aren't House Makers, Or Sitting At Home Waiting For Hubby To "Bring Home The Bacon". Women Of This Day And Age Are Movers And Shakers With The Attitude (Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better ) Towards Men.
My Mom Is Ten Years Younger Than My Dad And Back In Tha Days That Was Considered Normal. It Was Most Likely Expected Of My Dad To Be The Bread Winner Of The Family And For My Mom To Be Lil Miss Mom, But Ha This Is Not The Sixteenth Century And My Mom Is So Not Dependent On My Dad ...In fact He's More Dependent On Her. The Point Of Saying That Was To Illustrate The Fact That We As Woman Aren't Helpless Looking For Mister Right To Marry Us And Wait On Us Hand And Foot Any More....In Fact Some Woman Prefer To Look For Mister Right Now Because They Don't Wanna Be Bothered By The "Relationship" Label (And Mister Right Now Is Sometimes Younger And Physically Intriguing). Forty Years Ago An Older Woman And A Younger Man Would Probably Have Been Frowned Upon But Society Isn't The Same As It Once Was. Women Are More Independent, Have More Say So, Hold Jobs That Are As Equally Challenging As Men, And We Are More Respected.

So Why Do Cougars Date Younger Men?

  • They Want Some Excitement Back Into Their Lives
  • They Can't Help Who They Fall In Love With ( Ha Like Aaliyah Said Age Ain't Nuthing But A Number)
  • A Younger Man Can "Service Their Engines" Lol
  • Older Men May Be Bossy (Wanting Things Done Their Way With No Compromise)
  • The Older Woman Feels In Charge...And Likes It
  • A Younger Mans Appearance Is Definitely A Turn On
  • Dating Older Men Comes With Baggage Like Kids And Ex Wives
  • Younger Men Have Stamina.....They Are Better In Bed Instead Of An Old Geezer That Hits You With A "Wham Bam Thank You Maam"

What Do You Guys Think? Do You Side With The Cougars And Say Do Your Thing? Or Do You Think They Are Nasty And Need To Simmer Down? In My Personal Opinion I Said It Before And Will Say It Again Sometimes You Just Can't Help Who You Love.

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