June 04, 2009


Heyyyy Blogger World I've Really Been Mia But I'm Definitely Back On It Now. Life Has Been Good And I'm Maintaining. GUESS WHAT! The Other Day I Took My Boyfriend Out On A Surprise Date....I Wanted To Do Something Out Of The Ordinary Cuz That's Just Me.....So I Told Him To Hop In My Car And The Rest Was Going To Be Up To Me.

I Drovvvve Until We Finally Reached Our Destination And I Dunno I Guess His Reaction Was Shocked And Confused But We Were At The Brooklyn Aquarium. The Last Time I Went To The Aquarium I Had To Have Been No Older Than Twelve, So That Was AGES AGO....lol. Me And The Boyfriend Did Our Thing...Walked Around Took Pictures Etc. And The Aquarium Was Really Relaxing....I Even Held A Starfish.

The B/f On A Fake Walrus

The Fish That Wasn't Swimming (To The Point Where I Thought It Was Dead)

The Shark Tank ( There Were So Mannnny And Peep The Stingray @ The Bottom Of The Shark Tank)

The Jelly Fish And The Picture Below That I Think That Animal Was A Sea Otter (Don't Quote Me, Not 100 Percent On It...Lol)

So After Seeing The Animals Me And The B/f Went To See A 3-D Show/Movie From The Aquarium And It Was Cute..I Don't Wanna Ruin It For Anyone But I Enjoyed It. We Left The 3-D Show Because It Was About 15-20 mins Long And Decided To Go Take A Stroll On The Infamous Coney Island Boardwalk. While On The Boardwalk We Saw Sesame Street Filming For One Of Their Upcoming Shows And Some Random Dude With Two Big Ol Snakes And A Bird...Lol Only In Brooklyn I Tell You.

The Worst Part Of The Date Was Yet To Come..... *TEAR DROP*

Soooooo Me And The Boo Decided To Keep Walking And We Eventually Came Upon Coney Island The Amusement Park Portion ( Or At least What Used To Be An Amusement Park). You Guys I Wanted To Cry When I Saw What That Place Had Become. Most Of The Smaller Rides Were Torn Down And The Place Was Filled With All Types Of Trailer Trash Looking, Con Artists. I Was Flabbergasted At The Sights That I Had Subjected Myself To. I Remember Coney Island When It Was Coney Island And Those Memories Were Beautiful......I Used To Go There Every Summer Till I Was About 16 And Each Time I Went I Enjoyed It More Than The Last Time. I Was Honestly Disgusted. Just YUCK! The Only Thing I Didn't See Was Someone Nodding Off With A Needle Sticking Out Of Their Arm And I'm Sure If We Kept Walking We Would Have....It Just Seemed Unreal. Here's A Picture Of A Game Booth:

As You Can See ALOT WAS CLOSED...All The Bears And Prizes That Were Left Looked Dusty And Run Down

When I Seen A Lady With No Teeth Crying And Holding A Wig In One Hand And Her Stomach With The Other Saying " He Punched Me, He Punched Me" To The Booth Worker Where We Were Standing Psssh I Knew It Was Time To Go. They Should Rename Coney Island To Crack Head Island.....NOT A Good Look! Supposedly They Are Gonna Tear Down Coney Island And Put Up Hotels/Casinos To Get More Tourists Down In That Area ( Like An Atlantic City Type Of Thing). They've Been Saying Coney Island Was Going To Officially Close Down For The Past Two Years Now But It Never Did. This Time For Sure I Heard This Is The Last Year Coney Island Will Be Open For Business....But I Say They Need To Hurry Up And Do Whatever It Is That They Are Gonna Do To That Hott Mess.

Any how I'm Done. Yeah Long Post I Know ......Sorry.....Over And Outtie....Muahzzzzzzzzzz


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

OMG @ the dude who was walking around with the snake around his neck ::shakes:: lol

GreenFalcon said...

u failed to mention that u stole the idea of going to the aquarium. PFFFT.
u make my home town sound bad. thats not the only spot there is to coney island.

Anonymous said...

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