May 16, 2009

Swine Flu Paranoia

People I'm Ubber Paranoid. I'm Supposedly In The City/Borough Where This Swine Flu Stuff Is Running Rampant (Queens). I Was Pretty Confident That I Was Safe From Getting This Stuff Cuz Lets Face It I Think My Antibodies Are Pretty Strong...Lol. Sooo Yea I'm Hanging Around The House Today Thinking I
Was Alone The Whole Day And At About Two O Clock In The Afternoon My Older Brother Emerges Out Of His Room Like A Zombie And Walks Past My Room (The Door Was Wide Open). First I Was Scared Cuz Heck I Was Singing And Dancing All Over The House And Buggin Out Like I Was Beyonce Or Something, But Then I Was Scared Cuz He Looked Sick (I Mean Bad Sick). The Guy Had On A Bath Robe, A Mug Filled With (Im Guessing) Tea, And A Hacking Cough. So I Spoke To The Zombie Reluctantly...
Me: Hey How's It Going?
Him: Cool *Cough, Cough* (You Could Hear The Flem On His Chest)
Me: Errr Ummm ...You Got A Cold? Must Be The Swine Flu (I Said Jokingly, But Dead Serious Getting Scared In The Back Of My Mind).
Him: Oink, Oink
Me: Haha (But Thinking To Myself RUNNNNNN And LOCK THE DOOR)
So He Goes Downstairs And I Quickly, But Not Too Obviously Lock My Bedroom Door. Now Im Sitting Here With My Throat Feeling A Little Dry....WTF?!?! Is This In My Head? My Brother Is A Teacher And Deals With Little Children Mongrels EVERYDAY...What If He Caught It From One Of Them And Brought That Ish Home?!? I Swear If I Get Swine Flu Me And His Quarantined Behind Will Be Fighting. LMAO. *Does The Rock Eye Brow Lift*
An Hour Later He Knocked On My Door And Asked Me To Lend Him Money To Buy Medicine, I Said I Had None. Then I Asked....
Me: Why Are You Sick In The Summer Time?
Him: *Sniffs* I Dunno There's A Flu Going Around
Me: (In My Head)


ShAy~SHaY said...

lmfao girl you are being paranoid

a.k.a Diva said...

dont feel bad lol. I got sick last week out of NOWHERE and i SWORE i had the swine lol. You should have seen my acting a damn fool. But im better now, just a lil left over flem and cough.

Carter said...

My Brother Is A Teacher And Deals With Little Children Mongrels EVERYDAY

dnt worry he has a cold...i work with them shits too

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

aw lol I'm sure (I hope) it's nothing but nerves making you feel this way lol have your bro get checked out and until then don't stand to close lol j/k

GreenFalcon said...

PSH.... scaredy cat.

man up and give him money to go buy medicine or u will end up getting the swine just like him. :P



bwahahahahahahaha thanks for the laugh lil mama

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

yooooo...let me tell you! I was prob the most paranoid person in NYC with the whole swine flu pandemic going on. Every cough or sneeze i had... i was convinced I would die! SMH @ myself! Im a fool!

Thanks for swinging by our blog hun!!!! We're following you back!

-Kelly of *AF* girls