April 08, 2009

Im Busy But Let Me Pencil You In

I Don't Usually Go Into Detail With My Personal Life On This But Lets Say I Have A Boyfriend And We Work At The Same Job Chances Are That We See Each Other Often, Okay Fine. But Imagine It Gets To A Point Where The Only Place Where I See This Person Is At Work. Just Because I See You At Work Doesn't Mean You Spent Quality Time With Me... NO GUYS This Is NOT ENOUGH! Somebody You Are In A Relationship With Is Supposed To Be Your Best Friend, Your Road Dog, Your Ride Or Die Person! When Your Girlfriend Starts To Feel Less And Less Like Your Best Friend And More Like Someone To Fill Your Gaps Of Boredom That's Never A Good Sign. You Dont Even Have To Spend Money Or Take Me Out To Eat...Can We Not Just Rent A Movie, Stay Home And Cuddle? And Cuddle Is Definitely Not Tossing In The Sack...Hold Your Girl And Tell Her How Much You Love And Appreciate Her. One Day..Why Can't I Get One Day Cuz Im Not One Of The Guys? Cherish What You Have People


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

You might have to tell him outright how you feel, because guys aren't good at hints lol

S Jones said...

lol...I Definitely Told Him About Himself....It Was Like A Huge Weight Being Lifted Off My Back.