February 16, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey And Awesome

I hope you have a cool drink with you from the concession stand when seeing this movie because Fifty Shades of Grey was sizzling hot! My Valentines Day consisted of going to see this "soft core porn" and dragging my boyfriend along with me. I was apprehensive about seeing this movie because it got negatively pounded (no pun intended) by critics.

At first when I saw the cast selection for this movie I was disappointed. I didn't like the actor they chose to play the sexy, desirable, nonintoxicating hot Mr. Grey. I mean he was ok if you like that type of guy, but he was no Bradley Cooper or Chris Hemsworth. Those two are sexy, even Ryan Phillipe! Cmon! 



The guy playing Mr. Grey had to grow on me as the movie progressed.  However, Dakota Johnson,the young lady playing Ms. Anastasia Steele was perfect! Ms. Steele had an innocent and awkward quality about her that was believable. The chemistry between Ms. Steele and Mr. Grey was translated through on screen in the short two hours of the film, but the relationship felt rushed. If a person didn't read the book you didn't really understand/see the cat and mouse chase that went on over a longer period of time. It has to be understood that the movie maker had to squeeze a whole book into two short hours, and the movie only covered the surface of things. If a person didn't read this book or isn't into the Erotica type of literature then they will find this movie to be pointless.

There were numerous sex scenes, and I wouldn't recommend seeing this on a first date because both parties might get hot and bothered (which wouldn't be wise if you're trying to be ladylike or a gentleman on the first date). After watching a movie like 50 Shades you can't help but to go home and want to replicate what it is that you saw. Ha....I had a good night after seeing this film with my honey, but I digress. 

Out of 5 stars I think I would have to give this movie a 4. I liked it for what it was intended to be, but it won't be nominated for an Oscar or anything like that. It was a movie based on a "trashy" book, and that is what I expected when going to see it (that is exactly what I got). 

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