February 25, 2015

Black Man

The creature they look at in such a strange way.
You baffle them, confuse them, take them mentally to another place.

Such strength in your body, love in your soul, passion running through your veins
to accomplish all of your goals.

But they wouldn't know...They're not going to believe that you have dreams because the
painted scenes on the T.V. screens speak reality.

Unfortunately reality screams killers and thieves...Far removed from the likeness of
powerful beings like Martin Luther King.

No, the black men of today are considered a different thing. No longer human beings, your lives have no meaning. Killing one another and shocked when you are murdered by others.

Black man partaking in any old illegal thing just to reach the "American Dream" by any means.
Please black man stop giving therm a reason to shoot. Always keep in mind that they don't pity you.

They never walked in your shoes, they have no clue. They didn't have to work twice as hard as you to get twice as far. Life is hard. Your mouth didn't have a silver spoon, so you know why you do what you do.

But listen up black man, keep thinking about it that way and there will be no hope for our race. Getting money the fast way will be a pointless endeavor if you catch a case.

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