July 22, 2010

Mini Update... Till My Nail Heals

Just When I Put The Tip Of My Foot Into The Water Somebody Decides 2 Screw Me Over Again....Eff It I'm Becoming A Nun....I'm Typing More 2 Morrow B/c I Hit My Nail And Typing Right Now Is A Bioyatch But I Will Be Back. Oh Btw.....100th Post!!!! Whoop Whoop.

I Can't Believe It's Been A Lil Over A Year Since I Started Blogging, But I Just Wanna Thank U Guys On Ur Opinions And Love (Old And New Followers). I REALLY Love Yall, All And Ne Of Ur Comments Make My Day...Muah!!!!!!!


Yet said...

Congrats on your 100th post!! And, it seems that the love department is sucking for many in the blog world. I'm sure it's just a sickness and it'll pass soon


Ms. King said...

Yay on 100th post!! yeah, love stinks sometimes. Lol

Mrkickologist said...

wassup shirley.....u need to stop playing around and just b with the one u know that u shud b with..(ur best friend) that kid loves u.....think bout it n good luck wit that love life of urs

patrisha marie said...

aww HAPPY 100 TH !!

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@Yet....Yessss There Is A Very Active Anti Love Bug Out On The Loose This Summer..It's No Joke..lol

@Ms.King You Ain't Never Lied

@Mrkick. Kevinnnnnnn...Um Yea No Comment About My Best Friend...But I Will Say He Def Cannot Handle My Baggage...I Can't Even Handle It. *Tear* We Miss U Over There ...There's An Emptiness In The Throwback Area...lol. You Stay Up Tooooo, Be Good To The Mrs.

@ Patr. Thnx Girlie :-)