July 08, 2010

Does Size Really Matter

So the age old question of if size really matters.....hmmmmm.....my opinion.....uh if ur physically deficient sure its alrite and yea it shuuuuuud be all about the motion in the ocean but hey its the real world....i mean seriously.

Wat say you ladies ......u met this swell guy, u click on many levels, u vibe, u jones, u connect....finally u decide 2  express ur love 4 each other and u find out ya soon 2 be lova is only as big as a lil piggy in a blanket or a damn canned vienna sausage. Do u take the L and hope love conquers all or do u give him  a crummy excuse and "suddenly" disappear?

And no havent met nebody,  since that  bastard :-( cuz i dont wanna settle for ne  tom, dick, or joe

but i only pose this question 2b random....i didnt figure out my ex (the one who took my viginity) was less than average till i met my boyfriends after him ( id never seen a males private part in person till i was 19)....as shallow as it sounds if i met him (my 1st) after my other ex's i might have laughed in his face. But im curious about u guys....wud it not be an issue and have u ever been with a tiny man who went above and beyond to show you that tiny tim is just as relevant as big mac?

Also another random: if im a guy with a smaller than average part....wud i know if i was less than average? How wud  i know i was lacking if nobody told me?

Till next time peeps,

Love, Live Life


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Anna said...

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ChloƩ Bradshaw said...

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tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

well i know you weren't asking for dude opinions. but my opinion on it is this. size matters everywhere else. women care about the size of your wallet. they want you to be tall. they want you to have a big job. a big house. a big bodied car. so why is it even a question when it comes down to that?

because sometimes the tallest dudes, with the most money, biggest house, best jobs got the smallest dicks. and they want you to focus on that. i say. i'm short. i get judged on that. why the hell not judge a dude on having a small dick? shorts guys pack their height elsewhere. and that's where the difference is made up at lol..

so please judge them, that's what gives us a chance.

Yet said...

Tricky tricky question...

I must admit that only guys with some SUBSTANTIAL confidence usually try to holla at me...I've known many men who've liked me but I've only officially dated one! By the time a guy gets far enough with me to whip out privates, he's had to go through so much crap that he'd have talk the talk and walk the walk.
Even if he was "smaller" than average, he'd better wield that mess better than r kelly!!!

The guy's comment before mine is funny!!!