July 19, 2010

I'm Just Sayin

If I Told U I'm Crazy And I Have Baggage...Whyyyyy Must You Insist On Trying To Wife Me Up Or "Making It Official"? What Is A Title...Ugh I Dont Answer To Expectations Of Society And What Is Norm In Regards To A Relationship Between A Man And A Woman. Waiting On Me To "Act Right"...Don't Hold Your Breath.

And Oh Yeah When You Finally See My Crazy Coming Out Don't Say I Didn't Tell Ya So....Some Girls Hide The Crazy, Some Girls Ignore The Crazy..... But I...I Put It On The Table For You.

Proceed With Caution...That's What You Have To Do With Me....*Shoulder Shrug* Ahhh Welp


Ms. King said...

oh my! Lol... thats very interesting but hey atleast you're being real. So what can anybody say?

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

my girl tried to tell me she was crazy. and i said i thought it was cute.

if thought was a time machine i'd go back on one and be like.."how crazy are you?"..

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@Ms. King Rite That's What I Say...lol

@The Unpret. lmao when u tell a guy ur crazy I don't kno whether it goes in one ear and out the other but like u the response is "aww i can handle it, i like u" but for a girl to tell u she's got issues then know she's got some type of issues and u will have ur work cut out for you....Lol @ The Time Machine, U Know Exactly What I'm Talking About And How Crazy It Can Get But We Told U.

Yet said...

Sigh. One cannot be held responsible for your actions if you cautioned to offender from the beginning!!

The reason I like "labels" is not for other people, but for myself and my partner. When you know what you "are", then there are no questions or maybes or "it's not like we're official". I can't take all that. I like to know the limits upfront.

But yeah, some people aren't used to true honesty...