October 09, 2009

I'm Not A Little Girl!!!

This Is A Mini Vent I Guess...Why The Hell Do People Feel I'm 17 Years Old Based On Looks? Please Tell Me Cuz I Could Have Sworn I Was A Grown Ass Woman.

So The Other Day I'm Dealing With A Customer At Work And I Ask Him For ID To Purchase His Alcoholic Beverage And What Not....So This Ignorant Muther Fudger Says "Well How Old Are You?" (What Do You Mean How Old Am I ....This Is Not A Conversation...This Is A Nigga Gimmie Ur ID Please And Thank you). Lol I Mean As Tempted As I Was I Didn't Say That But I Was Pretty Close. So (Getting Worked Up) He's Like " Well I'm Forty Years Old!" In My Head I'm Thinking Save The Story For Oprah And STFU!

So I Proceed To Explain To Him In My Most Angelic Voice, With A Smile On My Face "Well Sir It's Store Policy....You Could Be 90 And On Ur Death Bed I Still Need ID". This Guy Keeps Hassling Me About My Age Talking About " Oh Well You Don't Look A Day Over 17" And I Respond "Well Sorry To Inform You But I'm 18 And Then Some.... So I Think I May Be Able To Sell You Alcohol But Thanx For Checking With Me *Fake Laugh*". Eventually The Prick Yanked Out His ID And Kept It Moving But He Left Me Offended.

Like What Is It? Did I Miss The Class On How To Look Like A Young Adult 101? Mind You It's Not The First Time I Got The "You Look 17 " Comment. I Mean At Times I'm Flattered Cuz I Haven't Been 17 For X, Y, Z Years (Which I Won't Disclose...lol) But Damn Can I Not Be Approached By 16 Year Old Boys And Being Asked By Customers At My Job (When I Work Late Nights) "Shouldn't You Be Home For School Tomorrow?" It's Exhausting....I Guess I Cud Try The Whole Stay Away From Sneakers Bit To See How Things Will Pan Out, However I Don't Know. I Think The Issue Is More From The Neck Up....But If That's The Case How Do I Fix It?!?

Stepping Up My Grown Woman Shoe Game Is Definitely On The Agenda...lol.....That May Not Solve The Problem But At least I Will Gain Some Banging Shoes In The Process.

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