July 26, 2015

Wearing My Real Hair REGULARLY?!?

Hey Blogger Family!

I've been sticking to my word and have been consistently wearing my natural hair (minus weaves/hair pieces). It has been fun, but wearing my hair out is both good and bad. I LOVE having the ability to be free and feel the wind blowing through my scalp...lol. The con about wearing my real hair is the frequent manipulation that I have to do on a nightly basis. I obviously don't have natural curls/coils, so oftentimes I have to set my hair at night to get the look that I desire. I'm faking the natural look till I make it! I usually do a twist and curl by using flexi rods on the ends of my hair.

I wash my hair, steam, and deep condition on a weekly basis. The past two weeks I've found myself gravitating towards setting my hair on flexi rods after my wash, but that process is so tedious (ugh!). Down below is how I style my hair once I get sick of the flexi rod set.....

On my youtube channel I actually put up a tutorial on how I did a Mohawk on my texlaxed hair. I LOVED this style, but I still have to tweak a few things. I will leave a link at the end of this post, but my pictures are below.....

Any-who, that was my little update guys. I hope your summer hair is giving you life...lol. 



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Nicole Alicia said...

I like the hairstyles you've posted! I am transitioning to natural and know the struggle of having to do your hair nightly. I have had box braids and cornrows this summer and they have been a lifesaver! I have gone back to wearing my "real" hair now also. Hopefully you'll post updates on how it's going. Nice blog by the way!!!

Nicole Alicia | Lifestyle Blog Writer