April 14, 2010

Dating Out Tha Box?

So I'm Gonna Get Into This Without Getting Into It. Okay People Let's Say U Find Someone Attractive, They Have Nice Qualities, Personality Off The Chain, And Ur Zodiac Signs Match (Yea I Know Im On Psycho Status...lol)....

Um But Yea They Are All You Wouldn't Mind Dating But There's Only One Hang Up...They Aren't The Same Ethnicity As You. Does That Bother Any Of You Guys?

There's A Classmate I Have Who Is A Koooool Dude, Like Deadazz But The Thing That Bugs Me Out Is That If I Ever Wanted To Talk To Him I Have This Whole Mental Block Up About Making The First Move On Someone Who Isn't Black Or Latino. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease Don't Get Me Wrong I Would Loveeeee To Date Outside My Race But If I Had To Make The First Move Or Tell The Person I Liked Them Then I Wouldn't Do It For Fear Of Rejection That I'm Not His "Type".

I've Only Dated Black Guys And My First "Play Boyfriend" Was Mexican So I Haven't Got Around To Experiencing Different Flavors In The Ice Cream Shop...(Ha!) But I Def Wouldn't Mind, The Only Thing Is I Wouldn't Know How To Go About It. .

Okay Take A Stroll With Me Into My Sick Azz Mental Processing: Alright Lets Say The Person I Want To Talk To Is Asian Or Caucasian...What Goes Through My Head Is -->

What Will We Really Have In Common, He Definitely Didn't Grow Up Where I Did...

What If I'm Just An Experiment For Him?

How Is He Gonna React If I Take Him Home, Or How's His Family Gonna React When They See Him Stroll In With A Sista Girl?

I Mean You See Guys...Do U See This Hang Up I Have? I Would So Be Open For Broadening My Experiences But Those Three Reasons Above Roll Through My Mind ....I Think My Hesitation About Interracial Dating Would Come From My Thoughts Of What The Guy I'm Dating Thinks About What Other People Think And If It'd Affect Him. Most Of My Worry 2 Wud Be About If Our Feelings For Each Other Wud Surpass The Hate And If My Man Can Handle Us Not Being A "Normal" Couple To Others. What Do You Guys Think? Are Any Of U Guys In Interracial Relationships And How Do U Guys Deal?


RoByn LaTice said...

I understand your fears..but a lot of white/asian men love black women. I think you should give it a shot..if your not his "type", try another one later.

Anonymous said...

i know how you feel
i just left the decision up to fate and if it happens it happens and if not oh well

but yay you followed my blog ! thanks :)

pennanddpaperr . said...

i understand where you are coming from by quesitoning all these things.. awhile back i was questioning the same.

if you really think about it, those are good questions to ask about any person you are gettting into a relationship with regardless of race. not everybody has been through the same things you have just because of skin color ya know.

when you are confident in who you are and what you have to offer, then no matter what, it will always work out.

*i read somewhere that most nationalities want to date a black woman, they're just intimidated or scared of rejection.