April 19, 2010

Up Out My Face Nucca

I hate g. Like if theres one thing i hate its g. So the other nite i met this guy....i dont know why but i give these randoms the time of day because im bored (and cuz in my mind im gonna  toss the number and ignore the sucka ne ways).

So i give this guy my number...i dunno just to see  if i still got it (pow!)...but im starting to realize maybeeee i shouldnt give out my number if my intentions are not to speak to these guys on a long term basis (and its really not, as weird as it sounds its just to remind myself "yea ur not an unattractive person but u just choose to be alone").

But anyways i digressed... i gave this guy my number and within an hour he texted me, within 2 hours he called me and i told him id call him back...when i was  done eating...within an hour of that he texted me. He didnt even give it the standard 24 hours guys have to give b4 calling a girl! Mkay apparently i pull the crazies.

So i was bored in skool the day after i met him and i wanted to test his crazy so i texted him to see where his head was.

Me: so wats up

Him: nuthin layin down bout to get sum breakfast. So wat u doing later wanna catch dinner and a movie?

Me: uhhhh no i have skool all day till 9pm

Him: yo i wanna make u wifey 4 real. I swear i'll treat u rite 

Me: err uhhhh lol u funny (In my head: nigga please!). So wat do u do?

Him: rite now training to be in the nypd gonna get my gun license soon

Me: o

Him: I need a wife tho something serious you look like wifey type tho das if u let me wife u up I got a lot planed in my life to work hard and make goals

Me: so y u single?

Him: I was in and out of something I was wit shawty for 2 years but I'm not goin back she's not serious and I aint gone lie I wasnt wit her cause she wasnt with it

i Wan it to be serious well I was at 1st but she young she's 18 turn 19  and I'm 23 like who's mature? Like well I was she was on her childish shit so

Well theres alot more of him buttering me up but this is a phone post so im getting lazy, wat u think guys? psycho azz or good azz g?

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Rayve said...

I say give it a try honey!!! Hell it could be worth it....