March 16, 2010

Hey Ladies!!!

You Ever Had A Man You Gave Your Number To....Or Got In Contact With After A Long Time But Then End Up Saying To Urself: "Sh*t, Why The Hell Did I Give Him My Number In The First Damn Place, His Ass Is Muthafuggin Psycho!"

*Points Index Finger To Self* Guilty

This Song Is Dedicated To My Gurls Who Feel Me And Know What In The World I'm Talking About....Lol

You Make Me Wanna Throw My iPhone Out The Window...Tell Tmobile To Cut My Phone Calls...Break My Lease So I Can Move, Cuz U A Buga Boo...A Bugga Boo.

Be Careful Ladies Not Every Tom, Dick, And John Should Get Ur Goods (Aka: Ur Phone Number)....Its A Crazy Epidemic We Are Facing Out There, Examine Caution.

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isabella Thordsen said...

love your blog!