July 07, 2012

Lets Just Let The Weight Marinate

Lately I've been on some sit around and be stagnant type of flow. I just have no desire to be active.....but i have an overactive desire to eat......ugh! I'd like to blame it on my period because when I know I'm about to get it I feel particularly lazy and fatter than usual :-/

But in all seriousness though I reallllly need to be more active. I'm not saying I'm a fat cow but I know for a fact that the closer you get to 30 then the harder it is for your metabolism to work honey.

 Being active is not necessarily to lose weight either, I just like doing it because I can feel like I have a healthier lifestyle.  Something about working out and breaking a sweat sends positive little impulses to your brain so you can be happy #truestory :-)

So Guess what peoples?!? I challenge you to leave your computer now and do 20 sit ups....nowwwwwww goooooooooooooo!

(Did you do em? Yeah didn't think yall would).

Let me get my lazy, unmotivated, and heavy body up to go play some dance central....smh. Happy Saturday Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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