February 26, 2013

Hair, hair over here!

Right now I am currently texturized, and what that means  is  that I no longer get relaxers. I have been using texture softners to tame my new growth. Clearly my hair is still chemically altered, but in my sick mind I think texture softners are a lot less harmful.

Being texturized is no walk in the park. My hair is sooooooo coarse, and  the magic of the texture softner only works for 3 weeks after its applied. I had my first texture softener in October, and my second one in January. Prior to my first texture softner I was relaxed. To be honest with you, if I could go back in time and remain relaxed I would. I hate my texturized hair because its outrageously unmanageable, and it also requires so much attention. As a relaxed sister I could a night or two without moisturizing and sealing,  but nowwwww?!? Ugh!

Now im at  a crossroads of figuring out what can keep my two textures moisturized. I also would like to gradually cut off my relaxed ends. Maybe the more hair I cut off, the easier it will be to tolerate my mane. Anywayz I want to document my hair journey here. I'll be posting protective styles, progress I've made, products I love, and hair related articles. Anywho I included a picture of my updo created by putting bantu knots in my hair, think it came out cute. Lol...toodles yall.


Ms. King said...

My sister was going back and forth on whether to use texturizer on her all natural hair. Then she thought of relaxing it, but after so much hard work she put into her natural hair I guess she decided against it. Good luck with your journey.

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Hi Ms King,

Thanks for the luck! I can definitely relate to your sister. Sometimes stepping into new hair territory can be overwhelming, but your best bet is to stick with one thing once you've started it (which is why i haven't slapped a relaxer on my head yet). I def commend your sister for hanging in there tho, I'd ultimately want to be natural like her to be honest. Too bad I'm lazy, you can't be that way if you're natural.

Daintyffany said...

I was thinking about doing this but you kind of scared me now lol.

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Lol....nooooooo @Daintyffany. I definitely did not mean to scare you. Lol, as long as you have the right products you should be fine. I'm still trying to figure things out so my frustration is very fresh. I will say that my hair is growing faster now than it ever did with a perm. Once I cut my suspect ends I'm sure I may like it better.