August 18, 2013


Hey blogger family! Sjones here, and as usual I'm back from some sort of hiatus. Honestly I'm going to get into the habit of blogging at least once a week. A blog is a great way to express yourself and I think I've taken this forum of self expression for granted. Last time I checked in I was on a hair kick, and I've pretty much stuck with it (but not on here) *ashamed face*

BUT *happy face* I'm here to put all of you guys on and let you know about my youtube channel. I honestly did dread the idea of interconnecting my social networks for fear of people that I know in real life finding me....but what the heck! Livin La Vida Loca Right? So If you folks are into hair videos, fashion videos, and vlogs then come on over and subscribe to my youtube channel. I promise my content will only get  better with I will definitely insert my most popular video in this post and maybe my channel may hold something worthwhile for someone in my  blogger family.

On another note, I missed talking to you guys so much. Dang it's been a while since I updated you all with anything, and that's only because the blogger app I was using had technical difficulties. I usually blogged on the go so once my app bugged out I got lazy. Alright as promised.....more hair posts very soon. I'll be catching you up with my life, sharing stories, and reading up on some of your blogs. Stay Tuned, MUAH!

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