August 19, 2013

Hey Years...Where Are You Going?!?

Time flies.....I keep many pictures in my phone because I like that sentimental crap *smile*
I thought it'd be neat to post my pictures from September and August of last year. I would also like to write a few words to the me of last year....
Hey you.....lil girl lost, you eventually found your way. Last year you saw no signs of hope and pain was all you seemed to know. Hey you, faking those smiles while worried all the while aren't you glad you found him? Loving your best friend, you didn't understand it back then but your heartbreak did end cuz of him. Hey you, starting out your last semester of college glad you pulled through and gained some knowledge.
We are ok now thanks to you. We're not a hundred percent good, but things should be changing soon.

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