August 19, 2013

Don't Squeeze My Bun

I'm a big ol' sucka for a bun. Bunning is a great way to protective style your hair, and I must say that I' am quite obsessed. Buns are a sure fire way to keep ends protected especially now since people will be breaking out the wool sweaters and itchy scarves for fall.

In all honesty my go to styles are buns (especially when I'm low on cash lol). I do, however, try to switch up the position and appearance of the buns as much as possible. I'm constantly reinventing my take on buns because I get bored easily. I also do different buns to avoid putting constant stress on one main area of my hair. If you're bunning to help retain length the last thing you want to do is aggravate your hair, so switch up when you can.
Things to remember when bunning:

  • Don't use scrunchies with metal parts, they can break your hair.
  • Do moisturize and seal before bunning. Since your hair is up might as well give it some good TLC.
  • Do try to be creative and switch your buns appearance.
  • To get a nice smooth bun--} use gel, brush your edges down, and apply a head tie for 15 minutes to set your style!
  • Want to add some kick to your do? Add a cute head band or some sassy big earrings. 

Enjoy bunning ladies and don't forget to follow my youtube page because I will be creating a bun series. I will showcase all of my different buns and how to do them.

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