August 26, 2013

VMA F*ckery and My Back To School Outfits Video

Helllllllo Ladies! Just swinging by to say a quick hello.....(off topic) HOW SCANDALOUS WAS  MILEY CYRUS ON THE VMA'S?!? I know she is trying to distance herself from that Disney image but honey....I rebuke thee Satan inside of Miley! Miley was a wild child last night and she might be the first white person I call ratchet. *Confused Face*

OMG......Who else squealed like a little girl when NSYNC came out?!? Am I blind or is Lance now the most handsome guy out of  Nsync? Too bad he's gay. What else? Um Taylor swift received an award and threw shade at her ex boyfriend (Harry Styles?) who was present in the audience. Nowwwww if I hadn't been through a heartache/breakup I would call Miss Taylor childish, but sh*tttttttttt if I had a platform to throw shade at my ex  I would do it too.
 I think Robin Thicke was cheated out of his award for "best summer song". I mean you can't go anywhere without hearing that damn "blurred lines" song, but instead one direction got the award for "dance all night". Imma need MTV to do better with choosing winners next time. Last but not least LADY GAGA, her body is sick! Lady Gaga put on some pounds and I LOVE IT ON HER. Not too skinny and not too fat. Gaga got the YAMS/

Tee Hee...but yeah I wanted to check in and tell you guys to check out my newest video. I did a back to school look book and I would love it if my blog family checked it out. This is one of the first videos I worked my magic with movie maker and let me know how you think i did!