August 22, 2013

Me Day And R&B Divas LA

So today was one of those self pampering days for me You know how that is right ladies? One of those days where you stay home all day and catch up on your favorite tv shows, blog, tweet, etc. One of the many things I accomplished today was painting my nails. I was def inspired by one of my fellow bloggers (thanks girlie!). I used Sally Hansen's Breezy Blue and Sinful Color's Snow Me White. I put the polka dots on with a Qtip. I wanted to decorate two fingers on each hand, but I have no patience. I guess I'm getting old.

Any who do any of you guys watch R&B Divas LA? I came across this show because Kelly Price was trending on Twitter so out of curiosity I tuned in. OMG this show is hilarious...please tell me this show is scripted because Kelly Price's Azz is cray cray! Its funny but ironically with the creation of reality TV we get to see the REAL personality of these super stars, sometimes its ugly. I knew nothing about Kelly Price prior to this show, I only knew she had a powerful voice. This heifer is a DIVA tho, she puts Maria Carey and Pdiddy to shame.
Others on the show are Lil Mo (who I love) she cracks me up. You have Dawn from en vogue, Chante Moore, Michel le (who looks like La Toya Jackson or someone in the Jackson family post nose job), and Claudette Ortiz (who is stunningly gorgeous). I'm mad I didn't know about this show before but I have a new addiction. If any of you watch this do you think Kelly had reason to flip out when Fred was appointed as the director? Man twitter was having a field day with Kelly....smh. Welp cutting the post here, talk to you again soon ladies.


Vett Vandiver said...

love your nail design & I love that show!

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Lol! Thanks @ Vett!

Christyl Living said...

I've never watched the show, but I've heard great things. Maybe I'll have a pampering day myself and catch up on old episodes. Love the nails too girl! I think I'll do the same design in purple. Thanks for the inspiration! *Now following you by the way*....check out my blog @!
xoxo Christyl