April 21, 2009

NO Freakin WAY!

I Am So Mad At This Video....Like What The Hellllllllll!?! This Woman Is Booty Popping And Nasty Grinding In Front Of Her Two Kids Like It's The Norm. The Little Boy In The Video Is Worse Than The Little Girl Because He's Not A Baby...He Looks About 4 or 5 Years Old ( He Can Actually Kinda Grasp What Mommy Is Doing).

This Is A Damn Shame...Instead Of Empowering And Uplifting Our Children We Have People Like This Young Lady Who Doesn't Give A Rats Ass. Granted If She Was Doing This For Her Boo Or Something I Can Understand That ( Because Sometimes Us Women Like To Be Seductive, And Sensual For Our "Special Person") But In Front Of The KIDS?!? Is Your Day So Busy That You Cant Film Your Promiscuous Activity When Your Kids Aren't Watching Cartoons In The Background? Sheesh! Shes Showing Her Lil Girl Yes It's Fine To Be Provacative (And It Is Fine .....Even Though My Momma Never Taught Me How To Gyrate And Move Like That. My Mom Only Taught Me Boring Stuff Like Tying My Shoes And Cooking) But Not When She's Threeeee Dammit......And Shes Showing Her Son This Is How Your Girlfriend Should Work The Middle. O My Fudging Goodness....Hot MESSSSS!

You HAVE To Be Mentally Unfit As A Parent To Do This In Front Of Them. Shame On It All.

April 19, 2009

Don't You Know Who I am?!? My Brother/Sister Is ......

Awww Remember Ashanti's Little Sister Shi Shi? She Was Always The Thick Cute Lil Conservative Sister. I Remember Her In The Happy Video...Tre Cool. I Wonder How It Would Feel To Have A Older Sibling Who Was Always In The Limelight? Would I Become Jealous And Look For Other Ways To Get Attention (Whether Negative Or Positive). Would I Actually Use My Siblings Fame As A Stepping Stone And An Aide To Get Myself Where I Want To Be? (For Example Beyonce And Solange). There Are Alot Of Superstars Out There With Non Famous Brothers And Sisters That We Somehow Seem To Know. Ashanti's Sister Used To Be All In The Background And Quiet But Lately Her Clothes Have Been Getting Her More Attention. Shi Shi Is Definitely Trying To Build Up Talk About Herself What Do You Think? I Mean Its One Thing To Be Sexy (And She's A Beautiful Girl) But It's Another Thing To Be EXTRA With It. Some Of Her Outfits Are Cute Too And I LOVE Her Confidence But I Dunno Some Outfits May Not Be For Her....My O My How They Grow Up Fast

Other Famous/Non Famous Siblings
Tia And Tahj Mowry (I Used To Love Tahj On Smart Guy)...He Was Pretty Famous Himself

Kim Kardashian And Her Two Sisters ( I Know The Taller One Is Chloe And The Other One I Dunno)

Paris and Nicky Hilton

April 15, 2009

I Hate You

I Hate You For Making Me Think Stupid Thoughts...
Hate You Cuz You Made It Hard For Me To Let Go Of What Once Was...
Hate You Cuz You Are From My Past.....
I Hate You More Cuz I Thought We Would Last....
I Hate You Cuz I Can Imagine The Way You Look, You Kiss, Your Touch, And The Way We Made Love.....
I Hate You Cuz You Stay On My Mind...I Hate You Cuz I Know There's No Way To Right Our Wrong.
I Hate The Way It Came To An Abrupt End...I Hate It That We Can Never Be Friends.
I Hate The Way You Creep Into My Thoughts, Weave Your Way Into My Dreams And Have A Steady Hold On Me.
I Hate You Because Even Though I Moved On I Cant Seem To Fathom The Thought That You're Gone...
I Hate Everything You Are....Everywhere We've Been...I Hate You With Every Bone In My Body But Then Again.....

April 14, 2009

Catholic Church And Me

Welllll My Easter Was Kool Even Though I'm Extra Late With Posting But Bare With Me....Lol. I Did The Whole Church Thing With My Parents And I Honestly Felt Complete And Happy Afterwards. I Don't Go To Church A Whole Lot But After Sunday I Think I Might Want To Make My Church Attendance A Permanent Thing (Maybe). I'm Catholic And I Don't Know If Any Of You Are Catholic But For The Past Year I've Stayed Out Of Church Because I Felt Like Mass Was Boring And Dry. It's The Same Thing Every Sunday: The First Reading, Second Reading, The Priest Reads And Explains The Scripture Of That Particular Sunday, Then We Recieve The Body And Blood Of Christ. Don't Get Me Wrong I Grew Up In The Catholic Church....From Junior High To High School I've Been In Catholic School But I Just Fell Out Of The Whole Catholic Church Thing More Recently. I Have Gone To Other Churches A Couple Of Times During Last Year But They Weren't Catholic Churches And I LOVED IT. I Went To A Christian Church And A Pentecostal Church (I Think) And Every Thing Was So Interactive. The Choir Was Loud, The Whole Congregation Was Alive And Filled With Excitement, I Just Loved The Atmosphere. Like I Said I Love My Catholic Church But At The Same Time I Feel Like It Could Be More Exciting ...To Enjoy Catholic Church You Really Have To Clear Your Mind And Focus In So You Can Concentrate On Whats Being Said. Church Service Is Very Predictable And Blah But It Shouldn't Matter As Long As I'm There To Connect With God Right? It's Hard To Remove Myself From All I've Known And All I Have Been Accustomed To. Down The Line I Want To Shop Around For A New Church (Sounds Weird... I Know) And See If My Heart Lies Somewhere Else But For Now I Will Be Sticking To My Usual.

April 08, 2009

Im Busy But Let Me Pencil You In

I Don't Usually Go Into Detail With My Personal Life On This But Lets Say I Have A Boyfriend And We Work At The Same Job Chances Are That We See Each Other Often, Okay Fine. But Imagine It Gets To A Point Where The Only Place Where I See This Person Is At Work. Just Because I See You At Work Doesn't Mean You Spent Quality Time With Me... NO GUYS This Is NOT ENOUGH! Somebody You Are In A Relationship With Is Supposed To Be Your Best Friend, Your Road Dog, Your Ride Or Die Person! When Your Girlfriend Starts To Feel Less And Less Like Your Best Friend And More Like Someone To Fill Your Gaps Of Boredom That's Never A Good Sign. You Dont Even Have To Spend Money Or Take Me Out To Eat...Can We Not Just Rent A Movie, Stay Home And Cuddle? And Cuddle Is Definitely Not Tossing In The Sack...Hold Your Girl And Tell Her How Much You Love And Appreciate Her. One Day..Why Can't I Get One Day Cuz Im Not One Of The Guys? Cherish What You Have People

April 01, 2009

Diddy You Sick Mutherfudger!

I Will Admit It...My Name Is Shirley And I Have An Addiction. I'm Guilty Of Loving All The Groups That Diddy Has Created Over The Past Years. And I'm Highly Upset That I Fall In Love With These Groups Only To Have Them Viciously Yanked Away. STOP The Madness Diddy! Don't Take Away My Day 26...I Will Buy Two Albums To Support Them...Pleaaaaaase STOP Being A Tyrant! (Oh Yea Kick Que Out B4 He Messes Up The Flow And Throw Donnie In The Mix).
Love This Song....Cop The Album People...Lets Put A Stop To This Making The Band Curse.
You Can Make A Difference!

Lets Take A Trip Down Memory Lane
Danity Kane....R.I.P


I KNOW Y'all Remember Da Band! This Group Was Doomed From The Beginning Cuz The Cast Or The People In The Group Were All Over And Better Off As Solo Artists Anyways But The Were Aight.

The Old Heads And 80's Babies Might Remember This One But These Girls Were TOUGH! I Remember One Christmas Getting 20 Dollars From My Dad (Thought I Was Rich) And Running To Buy This Album With No Hesitation. I Kid You Not Their Album Was Enjoyable From Beginning To End.

In Closing I Just Would Like To Say Diddy I Would Appreciate It If You Would Stop Playing With My Emotions....I Get Easily Attached And Lets Not Continue To Break My Heart Dammit! There are a ton of other groups, but I'll keep it short for the sake of the post. lol.