March 10, 2012

Black Barbie

See We Finally Have Our Black Princess, A Representation Of Me.

Brown, Caramel, Or Darkskinned .....Usually On The Out And Never In. I Look In The Mirror And I Never Could See Those Baby Blues Or Blond Hair.

I Washed My Skin As A Child Hoping This Dark Tint Would Go Away But This Overbearing Complexioned Seemed Like It Was Here To Stay. Soap And Water Couldnt Do The Trick.
Why Am I So Dark, Why Do I Have To Look Like This?

But Wait...Here Is A Doll That Looks Similar To Me...She's Not So Bad, A Natural Beauty.

[<3 That The Younger Generation (And Even I As An Adult) Get To See A Black American Princess. Not Only That But Princess Tianna Is Gorgeous.]

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