March 10, 2012

Get it right, Get it tight

So I'm working on getting abs and this ish is harder than it seems. This is a recent picture I took. I mean this is the only place I could think of to post progress besides Facebook so blogger it is. How I plan to make progress ....hmm

Well first off I gym at least 2 times a week but my eating habits need improvement. I usually sleep which means I think it's ok to eat at all hours if the Bueno.

The changes i want to make are as follows :

No eating less than an hour before bed.

up my water intake.

No fast food (only allowed snack wraps from McDonalds)

Any type of rice being eaten I can only eat a fist portion.

Stay away from fried foods.

I'm trying to build a healthier me, hopefully I have the will power to get my summer body.

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