March 15, 2012

Weave Wonder

Lol. This One Cracks Me Up But I Never Posted Because School Has Taken Over My Social Life.

So I Met This Dude....He's A Chill, Laid Back Type Of Guy. I Met Him We Decide To Go On A Date And Whatnot...He Was A Gentleman, Didn't Lean In For A Kiss Or Anything Like That On The First Date So That Was Kool.....Now Fast Forward A Month Later We Never Went Out On A Second Date But We Continued Texting Here And There.

Um One Day Dude Randomly Texts Me Do You Wear Weaves? I Mean I Responded Honestly, No Point In Giving Him False Advertisement Right? I Said Yes I Wear Weaves From Time To Time For Styling Purposes But I'm Def Not Bald Headed (Now Ladies This Is Why THE FUCK I GET MAD AT MYSELF AS A FEMALE!). So Then He Texts Oh I Can't Tell You Look Like You Have Nice Hair.... (NIGGA WHAT?). Then He Continues: Oh To Be Honest With You I Prefer A Woman Who Is Au Naturale So I Can Run My Fingers Through Her Hair...(No, No....NIGGA WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST TEXT?!?)

AND THIS IS WHY I'M MAD AT MYSELF......You Have A Job With No Real Income, On The First Date You Told Me You Have A Suspended License, You Told Me You Need Weed To Function, You Don't Have A Car (Nigga You Got Picked Up At Your House By Me), You Don't Go To School, And Surprise Surprise You Live With Your Mama! Who.....(Wait Let Me Put This All In Capital Letters) WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ON YOUR DAMN HIGH HORSE THAT YOU CAN'T ACCEPT MY WEAVE THAT IIIIIIIIIII PAY FOR?!!!???

I Didn't Say Anything About Your "Weed Habit" That You Need On A Daily Basis In Order To Function As Being Unattractive But Yea It's Not Cute Sweetie.

See My Point Is...Sometimes Females Settle And It Is So Sad Cause These Assholes Are Definitely Are Not Willing To Settle For Us And If They Are They Voice Their Unhappiness. I Think His Negatives Are Alot More Heavier Than My Damn Weave. And There My Dumb Ass Was....I Was Actually Giving This Scum Bucket The Time Of Day...Like O I Can Get Past The Weed, No Car, No License......NOOOO NOOOO NOOOOOO....NO MORE SETTLING! Get Your Life Together Little Boy...You Would Be Lucky If My Unbeweavable Ass Took You Serious. Tuh!

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★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Ooooo weeee!!! Been there, done that and probably wrote a blog post about it! Dudes like that slay me! You're better than me though...the first time he would've said, "Oh you need to come pick me up..." Fool what? You have a great day sir...don't use my number anymore. That was shallow as hell of him. I wear weaves and yes I have plenty of damn hair but I just don't like to deal with it. That's my preference and if any guy has a problem with it, he can keep it moving. GIRL...delete his number if you haven't done so already!