July 09, 2014

The Versatility of Texlaxed Hair

Hey guys, as promised I'm back.This particular post is about Texlaxed hair and the current state of my hair at this moment.

So What In The World Is Texlaxed Hair? 

The common misconception about being texlaxed is the fact that people think you are no longer relaxed, but that my friends is wrong. 
  • Having texlaxed hair does not mean that you are natural
  • Being texlaxed means that your hair is still chemically processed, but for a shorter amount of time
  • You can texlax your hair with a regular relaxer kit by adding conditioner or oil to the mix (this slows down the relaxers processing time)
  • You can texlax your hair with a texture softner (this is the route that I chose)
  • Being fully texlaxed happens over time....you need to gradually trim away at your bone straight relaxed ends (It took me two years to be fully texlaxed....I had several major cuts)
  • The chemicals still break down your hair when you texlax, but not as much because the relaxer isn't left on for as long as a bone straight relaxer
Let me share something with those who are considering texlaxed hair. I initially decided to texlax because I was tired of having fine hair. I did the research and it seemed like the girls with the thickest (relaxed hair) were texlaxed ladies. So I went for the plunge. I thought using a texture softner would automatically give me wavy/curly hair, but THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS! When you start texlaxing ONLY YOUR ROOTS/NEW GROWTH will be texlaxed. Your bone straight relaxed ends must be completely gone for you to be texlaxed, and that will take years if you don't do a big cut/trims.

People claim that texlaxed hair is not a type or that it is the same as relaxed hair. I guarantee you that relaxed hair is NOT texlaxed hair as far as the makeup of one's hair. 

  • Texlaxed hair causes me to experience shrinkage
  • My hair is no longer bone straight, unless I flat iron
  • My edges no longer lay flat without the use of gel and a head scarf
  • My hair is soooooooo much thicker than when I was fully relaxed
If you like bone straight hair....TEXLAXED HAIR IS NOT FOR YOU! (If I had known this info I probably wouldn't have texlaxed because I LOVE bone straight hair/freshly relaxed edges, but I'm glad I didn't).

Currently I am probably a little below shoulder length because I had a big chop in March. That cut left me fully texlaxed. Last weekend I did my first wash-n-go and a puff on my texlaxed hair, bone straight relaxed hair can't do that (my hair is a little past my shoulders when not in a puff, thanks to shrinkage). I hate to say texlaxed hair is similar to natural hair, but sometimes I do believe there are similarities in maintenance. Anyway I've gone on too much....To be continued!


Daintyffany said...

Your hair is coming along nicely keep up the good work.

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Thank you, your hair is doing great as well @daintyffany!

KLP said...

Your puff is tooo cute! Congrats on all that thickness!

KLP | SavingOurStrands

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

lol thanks KLP....texlaxing is definitely one way worth going