November 30, 2014

How To Deal With Super Dry Hair Using The L.O.C Method

So as a Texlaxed Lady I experience heavy periods of having dry, almost straw-like hair. The toughest thing about being texlaxed would have to be trying to achieve an acceptable moisture level. The things that I knew as my "staples" {when I was relaxed} got tossed aside real fast when I realized they were no longer effective.

Lately I have been tinkering with my moisturizing routine. Since being texlaxed I have been using the L.O.C method. The L.O.C method is a super helpful way to get your thirsty strands back to where they need to be. 

L.O.C stands for: 

L- Liquid/Leave-In
O- Oil

In order for the LOC method to be effective you have to use the liquid, the oil, and lastly top everything off with a cream. The L.O.C method can also be done the L.C.O way (which is liquid, cream, and oil). The main idea is to maintain moisture at every step of the way. Some options to use for the LOC method are: 

1. Water or.......
Some sort of water based moisturizer
2. Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Leave In
3. Cantu Shea Butter's Moisturizing Leave In Cream

1. Jojoba Oil
2. Grape-seed Oil
3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4. Coconut Oil (Not my favorite to use in the Winter because it makes hair feel stiff. This works better if mixed with another oil during the colder months)

Any moisturizing cream, natural moisturizing butter, or leave-in conditioner
1. Natural whipped Shea butter
2. As Iam Double Butter Cream
3. Carol's Daughter Hair Milk

I just threw a couple ideas out there for some of you guys. I currently use the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In, Castor Oil, and Shea Butter Combo. If anything, definitely tinker with some ingredients to see what works for your hair. Any who, over and out ladies! Hope you found this helpful! Check out my old YouTube video link to see the products that I used to use. 

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