November 30, 2014

Holiday Outfit Ideas (Featuring The Skater Skirt)

Recently I had purchased a Skater Skirt, but unfortunately I'd purchased it in the fall. I wanted to rock my Skater Skirt for the Holiday Season, but there were barely any tutorials/videos showing how I could wear them (and still be semi warm) during the colder season. I decided to come up with a few ideas on how I could make the Skater Skirt functional in the Winter. The skater skirt can be found almost anywhere online, and right now they are SUPER cheap. Not sure if they are going out of style, but ummmmm this frugal girl is taking full advantage by stocking up. 

The skater skirt is cheap, comfortable to wear, and very versatile when it comes to styling. This particular piece can be dressed up or down. You can throw on a cardigan over one in the Winter (and still be sexy) or wear a crop top with it in the summer. This is one trend that I hope sticks around after  the New Year rolls around. You can find the skater skirt through Macys, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, or even (for sure). I got my particular skirt from a store in NY called Rainbow. The skirt below is cayute because it features a zipper down the backside (I'm a sucker for shiny things).

On my youtube page I actually threw together a video for the purpose of styling the skater skirt during the Holidays. Down below I'll talk about what I came up with.

This first look uses the classic button up as a way to make this look a bit more age appropriate (for me anyway). I'm an older woman and the skirt kind of "screams" teenager but incorporating the use of my button up along with my chunky necklace makes the look classy. 

I'd like to call this second look the "catholic school girl" look. I went to catholic school growing up and I was obsessed with my knee highs! In the picture above I opted for knee highs, a chunky black ankle boot, and a lace body suit. This look is completely opposite from the first look and seems suitable for a night out with the girls or a significant other. 

This last look is a chill look. I would say that this combo is a more mature look. I chose a crop top sweater, along with a charm bracelet (which you can't really see here). I would wear stockings with this as well as a brown or red heel in order to break up the all black look. 

had fun creating this blog and thumbs up if you want more blogs like this one. Lastly, which look was your favorite? Look 1, 2, or 3?

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