April 02, 2015

Haiti My Love

Hi Ya Guys!
Did I mention how much I can't wait till school is over and done with? I probably did..lol. Not only am I excited about graduating, but I can't wait to go to Haiti *fingers crossed*. Nothing is finalized, but I hope I can go back there asap! 

I recently went to  Haiti after a 17 year hiatus. I was born in America, but I always maintained a strong connection to my Haitian culture (thanks to my parents). I'am proudly Haitian, and in October when I finally went back I understood why.
(Balcony View At Uncle's House)

American television loves to sensationalize the fact that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, but I'm not sure if that is true. When it comes to finances Haitians may suffer, but don't dare call us poor. They are rich in values, culture, family, and community. 

When I was a child my mom used to threaten me by saying she'd send me to live in Haiti if I acted up, so I always looked at Haiti as something negative. I imagined dirt roads, people walking around with no shoes, or even tattered clothing on the natives. I saw none of that in my trip to Haiti. The only major con that I seen with this country is the lack of electricity.  I just don't understand how the world has made so many advances, yet Haiti still can't go 24 hours without the electricity going dead. The lack of eletricity wasn't brought on by the earthquake either, its always been an issue. Having a refrigerator in Haiti doesn't even make sense because electricity goes out every single day, so any food purchased would become spoiled. 

Besides the electricity being annoying, I loved Haiti. The beach waters were blue and so crystal clear. I did nothing but lay around, eat, tan, and chat it up about life with my momma. I stayed with family members in Port Au Prince, and I guess that area has people who are a little better off. I honestly didnt see people living in tents or sleeping outside. I definitely saw a Haiti that I didn't expect. Maybe other areas looked different, but from what I saw Haiti looks great. I went to Ti Revire, Delmas, and Petion Ville too. Lovvvvvve my country! If you are thinking about Haiti, and are afraid (like I was) just go for it. It is absolutely not what television portrays it to be.

I Definitely rode on this boat.  The boat rower only went as far back as the people you see on the right hand side of the picture...lol. This is at Guilou Beach (one of the many beaches I went to). 

This is me and a distant family member I met in Ti Reviere. She was adorable and such a character

This is another "beach/waterfall" area. We were actually at L ester in Ti Reviere

Sorry if I butchered any Haitian words/spellings....lol goodness. 

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