March 26, 2015

I'm Braided Up....Watch Out Now!

Hey blogger family. 

I'm quickly updating you all on this confusing thing that I call life. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm a grad student in my last semester of school. I'm so stressed and full of anxiety! The end of grad school is sort of bittersweet. I'm so glad that I'm finally done with my education, but now I have to work a 9-5 for the rest of my life until I die....lmao. Am I being pessimistic much? Uh yeahhh. Seriously though, the end of school means I'm a real adult (and I need to get my life together). 

I have a total of 4 papers to do by the end of April.... and I have no idea why I'm blogging. I know why....I'm a chronic procrastinator (is that even a thing?).  Any who, in order to have more time on my hands, I decided to get my hair braided up. I wanted a simple hairstyle, so I opted for cornrows. I decided on side cornrows because straight back cornrows look too masculine for my taste. Is that just me? For example, down below...I love Ciara's braids, but I can't imagine wearing that hair style with a puffer coat right now during the winter (I'd look like a boy a little too much). I prefer straight back cornrows in the summer time when my womanly curves are visible. Do you guys agree or am I weird?

My hairbraider wanted to charge me 90 bucks, but I haggled that price right down to 70 where it belonged. I was not going to be the fool paying 90 dollars for cornrows when I can get a full set of box braids in Harlem for 100 (I'm from NYC btw). I'm enjoying this "get up and go" style for now, but I'm super paranoid about my edges ripping out. The braids aren't too tight, but once the hair starts to get fuzzy I'll be applying castor oil religiously along my edges just to be safe. 

Are you guys still protective styling now that the winter is winding down?


Miya L said...

I love your hair!
Your hair dresser tried you with that price though. Cus here down south you can get all the good hair styles for $90-$100. She should've charged you $50 in my opinion. It's really cute though!
I want a braid updo for my locs but I'm too cheap to pay for it right now ;)
Goodluck on your papers!

KLP said...

Nice job negotiating the price! Your braids look fantastic. How long did it take and what kind of hair did she use?

KLP @ SavingOurStrands

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Yes @ Miya L she was really crazy for that 90 dollars, it wasn't that extravagant of a hairstyle. I think I need to take some trips down south, $90 sounds really tempting right now for something other than Thanks 4 the kind words.

@KLP Thank you! It took about 2 hours, but that's only because the braider was super distracted with other things lol. It should have taken a hour and a half. I believe she used kankelon (not a hundred percent sure on how to spell that lol).

Miss Dre said...

Hey Shirley! I love your hair! And I'm with Miya, she should have charged you $50. The women that braid in shops down here in the south usually charge $50 for those braids and $90 for the kinky twists and things like that. Either way, your hair is gorgeous, love! How long do you usually let your braids stay in?

I'm itching for havana (sp?) twists now!